Track By Tracks: REAP - Born From Plague (2023)

The band was created during the COVID-19 times. People either shut in, shut down, bitched, and moaned or you got off your ass and got shit done. I did the latter. The plan was to create in-your-face, unapologetic, politically incorrect songs. The terms were simple… get in and get out. Nothing over a minute and a half and nothing over thought. Short and to the point. Nothing fancy. Also during this time was our nation’s uproar over the death of a man at the hands of police. Some of the things we were seeing fueled these songs as well. As for how the tracks were written, I wrote all the music in 2-3 weeks. We went to the studio with lyrics or pieces and threw them in where they fit best. Here we go…

1. Right To Hate:

We all get to hate whatever we want. It's ok to hate something. Keep hate alive.

2. Burst:

During this time, the news would enlighten me daily on how society was circling the drain. I was simply about to Burst from all of the bullshit

3. Evolve Degrade:

We have evolved so far just to move backwards in society in how we treat each other

4. Erase:

Erase the human race and start over. Or don’t, we would probably just come back even worse

5. Blue Over Black:

this on is personal for me. I guess the best way to explain is this is an anti-BLM song (and I am black before you go getting too upset) I disagree with the rhetoric. We should all be treated equally and the shit they spout is garbage. Let's start seeing people as humans instead of a color. Most people are on board with that ideology, except BLM it seems

6. Disrespect=Disrespect:

Respect me and I will respect you no problems, but disrespect me then fuck you too.

7. Snowflake:

Society is weak. We are surrounded by sad-ass crybabies that can't handle anything.

8. FY2:

oh… and fuck you too

9. Fuqawf:

just telling people to fuck off

10. 6 Fucking Feet:

6 feet was magically gonna save your life. Don’t invade my life bubble! Don’t kill me! Stay away. Stay 6 fucking feet away!

11. Despicable:

lets see, so something has really pissed me and my friends off. What should we do??? Riot, steal, loot, pillage. Makes perfect sense. Grow up. You are fucking despicable.

12. Ministers Of Hate:

We preach the word of hate. Welcome to church!

13. 9 Seconds:

That’s all it took and we can’t change it, so how are we going to move forward about it?

14. Born From Plague:

It's what spawned this project. Shit out into a diseased world. Here we are.

15. Filled With Hate:

Doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

16. Participation Trophy:

Not everyone deserves to win something. You have to fucking earn it. You suck at life, You deserve shit. It makes my win mean less if you win for losing. You suck.

17. Instant Expertise:

Ahh all the keyboard warriors of the world that want to tell you all they know and what all you are wrong about from the comforts of their mommy and daddy’s bedroom basement. You no doubt wont say shit to my face about anything. Nobody cares about you or what you have to say… about anything.

18. Are You Offended?:

Well are ya, snowflake?

19. Vaginistic Culture:

Pussified culture. Think for yourself.

20. CoronaLierus:

The biggest scam ever. “We’re all gonna die” and I believed it for a second. But its all garbage. We need a good cleanse

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