Behind The Artworks: WiderSin - Lost In Grey (2023)

A forgotten place that appears the same when turned upside down. An abandoned factory was the perfect place to capture the essence of Widersin’s debut album. A capitalistic symbol at night in ruins mirrored and rotated in a way that escape seems impossible from any perspective, not knowing which way is up and which way is down. A distorted truth leads to destruction.

The band’s name comes from the word widdershins which means counter-clockwise, opposite, reverse. Since the logo is an ambigram and can be read from the opposite side, it felt fitting for the concept art to combine and expand that idea of illusion.

When you stay too long in the dark and the will to find a light fades away, you explore reality from another perspective but at this point, reality cannot change even if you alter your point of view. It appears as if a right is wrong and black is white. A point in time where the beginning and the end co-exist. A future path that seems to lead to the past. An illusion that evolution moves backward and the fear that any change will bring your world in ruins.

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