Track By Tracks: WiderSin - Lost In Grey (2023)

1. Cross The Line:

This is the welcome song of WiderSin to the people who are willing to deep dive into a modern heavy rock album created with no profit intentions and with no corporate support, with the main motivations being the need for expression and the love for strong rock music without the marketing filter! Listen to it loud, and always be on the search for finding the opportunity to leave a bad situation saying out calmly and strongly “Fuck you all, I am leaving, farewell!”

2. 1000 Passwords:

The global financial market is the most unfair money distribution system ever created by mankind but we the people are so happy for being so secure! It has 1000 passwords, and it is fully digitalized to have a global impact some of the people working in it enjoy glorious lives, full of blow and houses all around the world, because they steal our money without us knowing it! What a joy this is! Heavy music, influenced by Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, and the hard rock tradition to compile a big shout against this BS!

3. Stone:

When you feel pain you understand that you are in a downward spiral circle of misery with the one you love. The melodies are based on heavy blues with the grunge influences being there together with the hard rock element! After all, we are a crossover band between heavy alternative rock and metal!

4. Manipulate:

We are children of the 90s and this is a politicized rock song against the eagerness of the governments to turn their people into money-making consumers without having free time to express themselves and maybe do something that is not only about how to make money! We do deserve time to create, to feel, and to love!

5. Martyrs:

This is our gratitude to the Greek Stoner Rock scene and to Sabbath ooh Sabbath! The lyrics of the song were written by our former bassist Yiorgos Moraitis, and they discuss the legacy of the hunger strike in Ireland!

6. Port:

Love! This is not your traditional rock ballad! It was not in our intention to have a power ballad to fit the old 80s stereotype and to sell love to the masses! No, this song is dedicated to real love, and it is about the need to leave for years from the one you love because you both want to start a family and have a better life!

7. Into the Light / 8. Father’s Son:

Into the Light and Father’s Son are one! It is for everyone who lost beloved figures from incurable diseases #fuckcancer. The first part is for the struggle and the will of the one who suffers from the disease, to live even though the end is near, and he feels it! Then, the second part is a look at the past, from the side of the one who mourns!

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