Behind The Tracks: XIII Doors - Unleash The Beast (Single) (2023)

For Unleash The Beast, the song came together after I wrote the main riff, it was a riff I was actually unable to play at full speed when it was written so it became a bit of a challenge to practice it and get it up to speed! Musically the song was written around this riff and then once it was done I started working on lyrics. Lyrically, the song aims to inspire people to do the best they can in life - From our press release: Deep within every individual lies an inherent strength waiting to be harnessed for a life of fulfilment. "Stand up with your pride, No more time to hide, Leave your fears aside, Unleash the beast inside". I feel this sums up the song pretty well...Life isn't always easy, but you have to face it head on and try and do what you want to do!

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