Behind The Artworks: Blnk Slate - Denier (Single) (2024)

So for this single, I (Duncan) took this image at Mansfield Reformatory, the same place Shawshank Redemption was filmed. I thought it was a cool image at the time, but when thinking of what to use for Denier, with the subject matter and topics spoken on, I thought we could use it. With the help of a quick edit from our buddy, he helped us edit the photo a bit. So in the song we discuss the “Denier” representative of those who deny the truth regardless of the resulting impact it has and can have on others, we describe it as an almost narcissistic entity, believing itself to be above and better than others. So in the image, the ball of mist with eyes is really the “Denier” waiting for the next individual it can feed on. An entity believing itself to be godlike, which is why it’s in the abandoned cathedral.

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