Behind The Tracks: Blnk Slate - Denier (Single) (2024)

So Denier was written as a piece from 2 points of view, one of which said “Denier” , and the other being my (Duncan’s) point of view on the “Deniers”. Which the Denier is an embodiment of individuals I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with. Simply put, because personal relationships didn’t go as they wanted for themselves, they tried to use anything they could to hurt and potentially ruin my life. However because everything they had said and did was all based upon lies, I was fortunate to overcome those situations. However it did leave me with a particular resentment for the selfish and narcissistic nature that I feel resides within most people, especially when faced with the consequences of their own actions ruining their image of themselves on a personal and social level. Especially when driven to the point of attempting to ruin someone’s life over things that, in the grand scheme of things, are very trivial, simply to cover themselves up, and paint themselves as the martyr they aren’t. Which is truly a result of insecurities that they cannot face about themselves. Some people can swallow it, but many, when faced with the ultimate reality behind their actions, will do anything to try and run away from it, no matter the cost to others, and often even themselves.

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