Behind The Artworks: Inver - On This Earth (2024)

The striking image for the album artwork was taken at Loch Bad 'a Chroth in the far north of the Scottish Highlands, a place where vocalist Bryn lived for several years. The name "Inver" is also derived from Gaelic and translates as "The meeting of the waters".

The bleakness of the tree upon the Loch, along with the distorted image being reflected back in the water was a perfect metaphor for nature and how it is becoming increasingly darkened and destroyed by the ignorance of humanity.

The impact on the natural world creates liminal space. The underlying moments of transition and movement. Not the void, but the precipice. The tipping point before disaster.

What will be our legacy? What will grow in the forgotten fields?

As we move through our lives leaving indelible footprints on the shore, we find ourselves face to face with an incoming storm, ancient, unknowable, and inevitable. Our challenge is to restore order and balance, erase the mistakes of the past, and leave the canvas renewed.

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