Track By Tracks: Inver - On This Earth (2024)

1. Truth (Intro):

The lyrics reflect how a sense of hopelessness and loss can be a catalyst to drive a shift in perspective and ignite a fire for positive change. The music reflects this with the haunting piano melody giving way to the urgency of the driven guitars.

2. Lost Traveller:

This track is an open letter to humanity's failings. We, as a species have become lost and there are too few of us who realise that a significant change is needed if our earth is to survive.

3. Tarnished Son:

A desperate, guttural plea from the mouth of the one who sees. The lyrics are designed to evoke feelings of desperation as The Traveller sees the failings of mankind (religion, greed, war, self-obsession) and the inevitable unwillingness to change.

4. Tempestarius:

A hearkening back to simpler times when humanity and nature were intertwined. There is also an undercurrent of sadness to the lyrics as they highlight the inherent violence and distrust that has always plagued our species, the seeds of our downfall were sown at our very inception.

5. Devil's Hands:

This acts as the defining moment in the album, a moment that takes what came before and churns it up into a nightmarish vision. There is a sense of overwhelming dread and panic that builds throughout and reaches its climax as The Traveller realises that they are losing hope.

6. We All Get Lost:

The anger and the urgency give way to feelings of overwhelming helplessness as The Traveller begins to understand that there is no use in resistance. We have gone too far and hope has slipped away, we must now stand up and face our failures......We All Get Lost.

7. I Stand With Trees:

A sobering, melancholy ending as The Traveller accepts his fate. His drive for change had been lost and in its place is just a bitter acceptance that we are all walking alone to our communal demise, there is no other path. This track acts as The Travellers final eulogy and his longing for a solitary existence in nature as the earth and humanity crumbles.

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