Behind The Artworks: The Magic Bus - Σε Άγνωστα Νερά (2024)

Our recent release, the EP ‘Σε Άγνωστα Νερά’ (Se Agnosta Nera / Uncharted Territory) consists of four songs that combine an eclectic puzzle of music genres, distilled through the band’s rock prism. Half original compositions, half cover versions of prominent Greek songs, it surely is a journey worth the while!
Within this context, we wanted the artwork to be special and dedicated to show these... unknown waters that we as a band dived, since The Magic Bus surely derailed from its usual musical course.

It was based on Valantis Dafkos’ (the band’s vocalist) idea and was built up to the outcome you all see by Sotiris Kotsonis, a good friend and an awesome graphic designer/artist, who also made the band’s logo and EP title.
The first thing to notice in the artwork is the strange, old, rusty compass that brings in mind steampunk aesthetics and maybe an Antikythera mechanism essence. It’s almost buried at the bottom of the sea, within an interesting environment including everything from sea life to a bus wreckage in the back. It’s equally beautiful and scary, just like the will to find our own way in life’s... “Uncharted Territory”! .

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