Track By Tracks: The Magic Bus - Σε Άγνωστα Νερά (2024)

1. Γιαρέμ Γιαρέμ (official cover):

Music: Giorgos Chatzinasios

Lyrics: Nikos Gatsos

‘Γιαρέμ Γιαρέμ’ (Yarem Yarem or Giarem Giarem) is a well-known Greek song from 1975, with a unique rhythm pattern, a beautiful melody that will stay on your mind long after it’s finished and wonderful lyrics. It was composed by George Chatzinasios on the late Nick Gatsos’ poetry, both of whom are considered some of the most prominent and respected Greek artists, with a reputation that exceeds our country.

It is a popular belief that ‘Yarem Yarem’ as a word is most likely a corruption of a Turkish word meaning 'beloved'. Another opinion states that the poet used it for its mellisonant sound rather than its meaning, while in a recent interview, Mr. Chatzinasios had another insight on the word: He suggested that there’s a chance the poet himself may have not quite understood the meaning of the word, being instead a coiner’s outcome, since N. Gatsos as a poet was also a wordsmith.

As for the poem’s meaning, it is part of the poetry’s charm to be open to many interpretations! In the band’s mind, it is an ode to the fragile but beautiful essence of love through time and hardship.

2. Βασιλική (official cover):

Music: Nikos Ziogalas

Lyrics: traditional

‘Βασιλική’ (Vasiliki / a Greek female name) is also a well-known Greek song from 1994, with a special rhythmic shape and distinctive melody.

The song’s lyrics are traditional/folk and it’s about a heartbroken girl who willingly and happily would rather drink poison than live without the one she loved. The song’s music is composed by Nikos Ziogalas, a prominent Greek musician who, in this case, combined the folk lyrics with the folk rhythm formula of “Zonaradikos”.

“Zonaradikos” is a traditional dance from Thrace (Greece). It owes its name to the grip used by dancers because they are caught by their belts. It has a distinctive rhythm of 6/8.

3. Το Κάποτε Εγώ (original composition):

Music: Ermis Soultanopoulos

Lyrics: Valantis Dafkos

‘Το Κάποτε Εγώ’ (To Kapote Ego/The Whilom Me) is a sentimental, rock “zeimpekiko”.

“Zeimpekiko” is a traditional Greek dance in 9/8 rhythm pattern, drawing its name from the old Zeimpekides populace and there are theories that its origins as a dance draws from the country’s ancient years.

The song narrates the story of an artist’s inscape who despite his life being in the eye of the storm and the world around him changing incomprehensibly, keeps love as his personal muse and follows her in search of his old self.

4. Καράβι Φάντασμα (original composition):

Music: Ermis Soultanopoulos

Lyrics: Dimitris Panagodimos

‘Καράβι Φάντασμα’ (Karavi Fantasma / Ghost Ship) is a song adaptation of a poem about someone's journey through life and its emotional experiences, just like a ship through tempest.

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