Behind The Scenes: AS WE STRAY - Open Letter (Official Video)

Open Letter has been the cursed song for over 3 years, we tried multiple times to shoot the video and work on our sound around this song, but, due to unfortunate series of events we had to delay the release of this video in several occasions. Maybe it was the right time for us to try again one more time and it finally happened. First of all, we felt the urge to communicate through a more sophisticated kind of video, the things that made us become what we are now. The scenes you’ve seen//you’re going to see in the video are the scenes we lived in the past, and many other people continuously living every day. To be completely honest, some of us went through the hell and back and looked for the easier way out of those scenes. This is the main message we’re sending with Open Letter. Don’t ever give up cause things are getting better every day. This is going to be our last release then we move forward.

We’ve signed with a record label, and our crew is working very hard to accomplish our goals. We’re about to finish the album in the next month and then we’ll start touring again. Thanks to all the people who believe in us and are doing their very best:

Silvia // Mike // Jarno // Matt

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