Behind The Tracks: Crush The Core - Live To Die (Single) (2023)

Live to Die is a powerful heavy song that explores the struggles and challenges of everyday life, particularly in the context of losing a job and facing financial difficulties. The lyrics convey a sense of frustration, determination, and a fighting spirit against adversity.

The song begins by highlighting the protagonist's loss of a job, emphasizing the low pay and the feeling of hopelessness that comes with it.

The lyrics express the despair of having dreams shattered and facing a bleak future. The protagonist is unable to believe what others say and feels out of control.

Despite the challenges, the protagonist refuses to give up and continues to fight. They emphasize the need to survive, even in the face of adversity.

The song digs into the inner struggles and demons that the protagonist faces, showing the torment of dark thoughts that cannot be hidden.

The lyrics reveal a determination to rise above the darkness Overall, Live to Die captures the raw emotions and determination of an individual facing life's hardships and challenges head-on, with a strong message of perseverance and survival.

Musically, Live to Die is a heavy metal track with a killer pre-chorus that sets the stage for a melodic chorus featuring powerful vocal harmonies. The music maintains its heavy, well-written Crush the Core style throughout the song, creating a dynamic and impactful sound.

We believe that this song is one many listeners can relate to and find inspiration in.

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