Behind The Tracks: Crush The Core - ROOM#HATE (Single) (2024)

ROOM#HATE is a heavy hard rock-metal song that explores the dark theme of organ trafficking through the perspective of Dr. Benway, a character in the novel Naked Lunch by writer William S. Burroughs.

The lyrics describe a sinister atmosphere where individuals face mistreatment and dissection. The innovative use of unconventional percussion, featuring metal scrap as instruments, provides a distinctive sound that complements the song's dark theme.

The inspiration and influence for all the percussion comes directly from Bill Bruford and Jamie Muir, two former King Crimson drummers. The percussion arrangement, using metal scrap instead of traditional cymbals, adds an experimental and haunting quality to the music, making it a unique and intense composition.

In the middle section, there is a calm passage where a bass and guitar solo transport the listener into another world, giving for a short moment a semblance of hope, only to fall back again deeper into suffering.

Stef's creative mixing of this unique percussion set-up enhances the overall atmosphere, making the composition stand out.

Musically innovative, ROOM#HATE combines intense heavy instrumentation with a memorable catchy chorus. The lyrics, focused on the macabre activities of Dr. Benway, create a vivid narrative, while the experimental percussion adds an additional layer of creativity and originality to the composition.

For us, it is a chef d'oeuvre.

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