Behind The Tracks: SCARSUN - Better Than Drowning (Single) (2024)

This is the first single to be released with new singer and lyricist, Melody Shads at the helm. The music had already been recorded with our producer Jeff Rose (Dub War, Skindred, Bullet For My Valentine). Melody wrote the lyrics immediately after we sent her the music and she recorded the vocals on a Sunday morning with a massive hangover!

1. What personal experiences or stories inspired the introspective and emotive lyrics of 'Better Than Drowning’?

This song is full of metaphors and I love writing this way. It gives the listeners scope to apply their personal experiences enabling them to relate and interpret in their own way. The message of this song is to fight for what you believe in and to always stand tall and know your worth. The lyrics start by perceiving distrust and disloyalty, but as the lyrics develop with the music, it show resilience - no matter what someone may tell you, you are valid.

2. The single touches on themes of struggle and resilience. How do these themes reflect the band's overall message or philosophy?

The band has had to overcome quite a few obstacles to get to where we are today. From band members to PR, this single is a testament to everything we have overcome together. We can have any problem thrown our way and we will always find a way through.

3. The lyrics of 'Better Than Drowning' are quite powerful and vivid. Is there a particular line or verse in the song that holds special meaning or significance for the band?

For myself (Melody), the chorus holds a special meaning in particular. As previously mentioned, this song is about resilience and I have faced scenarios where I have been made to feel what I was feeling was wrong as it was outside of the 'social norms'. This song is a middle finger to those who try to tell you how to live your life. Truth is, only you know

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