Track By Tracks: Necrowretch - Swords Of Dajjal (2023)

1. Ksar al-Kufar:

The opening title in Arabic can be translated as “Palace of Unbelievers or Stronghold of infidels”.

This castle does not appear on any map and no roads lead to it. The only way to reach this wretched sanctuary is through dreams. The protagonist plunges into a deep nightmare where the Ksar al-Kufar unveils all its secrets.

In this ancient city, the Zaqqum, a tree that springs out of the bottom of Hell, has blessed the inhabitants with calamity and torment. Deemed accursed they became the temple of Lust, the Djebel of Perdition.

2. The Fifth Door:

Five doors, fifty steps... The four doors is a hidden concept in Sufism where it is an initiatory system made up of rules and precepts to reach the truth and be the perfect man, Insani Kamil in Alevi Islam.

The fifth door represents the way of Iblis, The One who was thrown out of heaven and became supreme ruler in Hell.

The Devil's Lies in The East.

3. Dii Mauri:

The Dii Mauri (Moorish Gods) are a group of Berber deities belonging to the Numidian and Moorish pantheon having lasted long during the Roman Empire and during the Christianization of Roman Africa.

Unlike the other Gods that the Roman Empire was integrating into their pantheon after each conquest, the Dii Mauri were considered too barbaric to be ever integrated.

4. Swords of Dajjal:

The title song is focused on the end of the days in a revised version of Islamic Eschatology. The narration takes place in Ghadames (present-day Libya) in the distant future.

A distortion of time will start the first entombment, and the Beasts of the Earth will crawl to spread the message of the upcoming of Dajjal, the apostate, the One who will raze the world.

When the hearts of men are poisoned by sins and lust for the devils.

It will be the end of all days... In forty nights of fire!

5. Numidian Knowledge:

Wisdom lies below, the great Imedracen...

This title is about a greedy slave who sought to open the tomb of an ancient Numidian king, not for the gold but for his survival. As the ruler was buried with his mysterious necklace which shall grant eternal life in the pantheon to its bearer. Despite decades of endless attempts, translation, and pleadings, the ancient tomb never opened and the slave perished, its tale is the only recollections of a nameless soul.

6. Vae Victis:

Woe to the vanquished!

This title is a modern vision of the tale of Brennus, who raided Rome in 390 BC. In torment and disgrace, only the ruthless man, the survivor, can become a King. In chaos and torment, only the lawless man, the compeller, can become the bestower of Life and Death.

7. Daeva:

The only instrumental song on the album is dedicated to the Daevas, which are Zoroastrian supernatural entities that promote chaos and disorder. As it is always a tough exercise to put words on deities, this hymn describes these forms only with music.

8. Total Obliteration:

The epilogue of the album is a prophecy of the end of the world.

It is spoken in the first person, as if the calamity itself has a voice of doom to spit its venomous psalms to the face of the earth.

The bastard son of serpents and dogs finishes his last words in french, before opening a long outro where melodies meet with primitive percussions, in a last warning before the end of all days...

'Swords of Dajjal' is out February 2, 2024, on Season of Mist: Underground Activists.
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