Behind The Artworks: Dusk - Dissolve Into Ash (2024)

The artwork for the album depicts complete doom with an unforeseen beauty within. A hopeless, ruined, ashened earth where everything charred, burnt, unusable, destined for decay... to dissolve into the earth we will return.

The gatefold shows the cathedral/forest from a birds-eye aerial view, to zone out and get lost in, its mesmerizing mirrored.

The back cover is absolute devastation, very, very little hope...looming extinction...printed in an old parchment tone.

The liner notes, the CD, and the vinyl centers have original blown ink artwork. This piece was spontaneously created by Steve Crane’s friend, Alan Beaulieu. The raven was the inspiration for the lyrics: “raven stalled” in the song Shrouded in Mist. Picture this harbinger almost presiding over this mass carrion. There’s also a slight tinge of color in the bottom corner of the piece which represents Dusk.

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