Track By Tracks: Dusk - Dissolve Into Ash (2024)

1. Beacon obscured:

A dynamic song featuring Dana Ignarski. It is Derived from the ancient funeral dirge “Dies Irae.” Basically this song is the inspiration of the entire album and the album artwork. “That day will dissolve the world in ash. How great will be the quaking when the judge is about to come. 

2. The Dim Divide:

This song explores the darker side of existence. It basically is dealing with deep depression based off of dealing with things that are out of our control. There’s a neat little middle interlude followed by a segment where there’s a cry out for relief; personified by the reference to “morning.”

3. Ancient Passage:

This song explores the mind in a complicated way. As things are being ripped away that you hold dear there’s a way of retreating as to almost find an inner comfort (if possible) in silence and stillness. In this there’s a cry out to God (or higher power) for help, but this silence remains. In this silence one cries out all the more.

4. Libations Offered:

This song explores trying to do things the right way in a spiritually aware environment. And just seems like you’re wandering in the wilderness so to speak. This pain is the most substantial because you are trying to do the right thing in the fullness of life just to be betrayed and destroyed. In this, there’s only one thing to do-cry out for help from the depths of your inner man. Cry out for others to intercede on your behalf because you’re ruined! These intercessions finally found freedom of soul “finally free!”

5. The Promise Passed:

This song explores the spiritual battle for the soul - when hope abounds there comes a force “unholy war” for your soul. This is made worse by the world powers who control and oppress the population for their own evil devices-hiding behind a veil thinking no one sees their plans - it’s a maddening war.

6. Shrouded in Mist:

Think of a lifeless almost ghostly form wearing a robe and roaming the barren woods with a very dim light to light its path. From there comes to a precipice and looks down on the flowing water below. The form has come to the end of the road and bellows forth as a harbinger of doom-think of it as old man doom sent to pronounce judgment on the fallen earth.

7. Dormant Form:

Experiencing the realization that the end is here, the end times are upon us. Thinking back on what might have been and realizing this was the inevitable end - almost deservingly so!

8. An Aerial View:

I cannot give a background on this song since the lyrics were written by Chad Denslow.

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