Behind The Artworks: Electron - Hollow (2024)

So, this artwork conveys the sense of someone who isn’t able to accept himself/herself. It's created by Alex Cooper from Arkham Artwork, and it's about people who are so obsessed with the concept of “perfection”, due to the materialistic notions of beauty imposed by society, that this person isn’t able to embrace and enjoy his/her appearance, personality, and even his/her life. When this person looks to a mirror, all she/he sees is a monster, because he/she feels like she isn't perfect yet. We live in a world where we’re being taught concepts of how we should be, and it’s affecting our society on a daily basis. We have idols, stars that symbolize beauty and a “perfect life”, and a lot of people are being influenced to behave in the same way, instead of embracing who they are, and learning to love themselves. It’s a plastic world, and Alex really nailed in representing these emotions and issues through the artwork he created.

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