Interviews About Albums: Keep The Promise - Mass Extinction (2024)

In this new interview, we sat down with the Italian Hardcore band Keep The Promise to ask questions about their album "Mass Extinction"

1. What can you say about this new EP/CD?

Hi, this is M.V. the singer, and thank you for this opportunity. This EP was written during the pandemic and lockdowns when the shows in the clubs were forbidden, so we wanted to give to our fans some new songs and a cover song tribute to a historic band that we all loved.

2. What is the meaning of the EP/CD name?

It means that a mass extinction event could happen in the future when species disappear much faster than they are replaced. This is usually defined as the disappearance of about 75% of the world's species in a short period of geologic time, less than 2.8 million years.

3. Which one is the composer of the CD/EP?

The whole band contributed to writing the songs by proposing ideas, and then our producer, composer, and musician Luca Cocconi gave us a hand in the construction and arrangements.

4. If you had to pick one song, which one would you pick?

Personally I like all the songs in the EP because they are the result of a long work of composition and writing but I could choose "STUPID PEOPLE ON SOCIAL MEDIA" for the message of the lyric that is always current but above all for the new sound that we wanted to experiment with great satisfaction.

5. Is there a special message in this EP/CD? If there is what it is?

The concept of the EP is a denunciation against the global capitalist power represented by multinationals, the major banking and financial groups, and the corrupt governments that have allowed them to exercise their power to exploit human and environmental resources. There is also strong criticism towards those ignorant people who do not understand the gravity of the situation and believe the lies of the corrupt media driven by globalist power. The sound obviously expresses the hatred we have always felt towards criminal and corrupt power, hoping that the message will be received by all generations.

6. Are there some lyrics that you'd love to share?

Yes of course, for example, I would like to express the concept of the song "ALL THE SAME ON EARTH" which means that all living beings are equal on earth and everyone deserves freedom and respect. Human beings have created categories of people and animals that they have exploited and massacred but in reality, everyone has the right to live in freedom and justice.

7. Which inspirations have been important for this album? Like musically or friends, family, someone you'd love to thank especially?

I think the main inspiration from a musical point of view is the mix of genres between hardcore, metal, and hip-hop. I am certain that music remains one of the most powerful and effective means of communication. The inspiration for the lyrics comes from everything that happens in the world, especially from the cruelty and ignorance of human beings. Obviously, our families are very important in our lives because they support us and help us to continue our main passion: music.

8. Something to add?

I want to finish by saying that it is very important that people support the scene by going to the shows and buying merch. Only in this way, we can continue to exist! Thank you!

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