Behind The Artworks: Mean To You - WHAT WE COULD HAVE BEEN (2024)

I've always been captivated by Greek mythology. In 2021, I released my first EP, "STRONG“, centered around the theme of resilience in challenging times, staying true to oneself, and standing by one's actions. The concept featured a bear engulfed in flames yet standing strong.

For my new EP, "WHAT WE COULD HAVE BEEN“, I wanted to maintain the symbolism of a powerful animal, so I opted for a lion. The lion's visage is split into two parts, with one side darker than the other. Surrounding the head are swords, some of which are broken. Drawing inspiration from the Nemean Lion of Greek mythology, known for its near-invulnerability to human weapons and said to have fallen from the moon, the dual shades in the lion's snout represent this celestial connection. The moon, governing tides and influencing life on Earth, holds a significant place in various legends. This imagery is also influenced by my keen interest in astronomy ;) The lion serves again as a symbol of strength and endurance, embodying the resilience depicted in my music. In our daily lives, we encounter difficulties and obstacles, and the symbolism of the Nemean Lion encourages us to be resilient, and find inner strength to overcome adversity.

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