Track By Tracks: Mean To You - WHAT WE COULD HAVE BEEN (2024)

The latest EP comprises six dynamic and direct compositions, driven by powerful guitar and bass in the realms of alternative rock and metal. The album pulsates with groovy and subtly aggressive riffs, maintaining an overall lively atmosphere, now enhanced by a more balanced and distinctly clearer sound.

In comparison to the previous EP, the new tracks exude a slightly faster pace, complemented by the introduction of a different vocalist, contributing to a more energetic and intense vibe. The vocals range from spirited and fervent to outright screamed parts, amplifying the overall intensity. True to form, there are no mellow tracks; the album is solely propelled by robust riffs, embodying a relentless heaviness that defines its character.

1. Trivial Fantasy:

Personally, I like this one as an album opener. The song is about pursuing dreams and perfection, contrasting the individual's excuses and lack of effort with someone’s commitment to strive for perfection. It’s about someone who is accused of wasting time on showing off, and who is warned that they will eventually suffer the consequences. For example, dreams that will remain unfulfilled.

2. Right Now:

The song expresses contemplation and reflection on the idea of having one more opportunity to speak or a second chance to relive life. It’s about the possibility of making different choices but ultimately deciding that they wouldn't change anything. Overall, the lyrics convey a mix of reflection, acceptance, and a somewhat defiant attitude toward the consequences of one's actions.

3. What we could have been:

The song is about shared moments of joy and sadness in a relationship that eventually came to an end. Despite the desire to continue, it’s about ultimately giving up. It’s all about a wistful reflection on missed opportunities and the consequences of giving up on a relationship.

4. Straight Ahead:

This song is perfect for runners. Put your headphones on and go out for a run, but listen to the song ;) All jokes aside! The song is about humble beginnings but always keeping focus on the light at the end of the tunnel, aiming high with a one-directional mindset. The repeated refrain encourages the listener to keep moving straight ahead, assuring that they won't fall deep, lose track, or fail to find what they seek. For me, the importance of maintaining focus, avoiding looking back, and preventing plans from falling apart is the ultimate goal in life to achieve satisfaction and create a perfect world with no limits.

5. Care:

This is the most personal and subjective song on the EP. It’s my way of expressing a strong sense of individuality and resistance to external judgment. It’s about a strong desire to live life on my own terms, and I reject the idea of apologizing for my actions. Hard words underscore my defiance and unwillingness to be influenced or controlled by external opinions.

6. Don’t look back:

This song is about someone who has faced hardships and challenges, feeling tattered and torn by the attempts of others to bring this person down. Despite a past filled with wrongs and a lack of love, the person refuses to forget and is determined to overcome it. I try to conclude with an encouragement not to give up the fight, emphasizing the strength to endure despite the lack of pride and the feeling of being trapped.

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