Behind The Artworks: The Raging Project - Future Days (2024)

Which is important on this front cover is the presence of light and darkness. In the dark we can see some weird things growing and everyone will make his own interpretation, some will see some big black water drops, polluted by coal or oil, other will see some king of monsters growing, and higher of this, a light shining as there is always hope in this world. The design is a bit futuristic, nearly apocalyptic, as some songs talk about our future. And all is surrounded by a kind of a giant spider web, to show the trap inside which we are falling. I think it describes very well the mood of the songs. In the booklet you will discover some images in relation of the cover, you’ll have to buy the physical CD to know. The design has been worked by Jeannick Valleur, which is also one of the female singers in the album.

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