Track By Tracks: The Raging Project - Future Days (2024)

1. Warning:

As written in the lyrics, this is the cry of the future, the cry of nature. The Earth is warning human beings that their way of living must change now before the world collapses. The track is not sung, nearly screamed, or desperately cried.

2. Rage!:

This song is about the main things we have to do to avoid the catastrophic future we will live in, this is a violent track, to show the rage of nature and our entire planet. The music is full of anger, and most of the vocals are spoken loud, there is a little bit of Rage Against the Machine feeling, in the voice and the guitar riffs.

3. Don’t Want:

This track talks about the problem between keeping in mind our past, with the good and bad memories, while we all want at the same time to go further in life, by using all these experiences without making the same mistakes. The vocals are sung by Ingrid Denis and myself, and there is Leo Margarit on drums and Fabrice Lacourt on bass and guitars.

4. Colere:

This is a more vintage rock song that talks about the anger of a man, he’s drawing deep inside without any way to escape, very intimate song.

5. Even if I bleed:

An epic track, with great guitar parts played by Amanda Lehmann and Olivier Gaudet, they play as question and answer and perform their own chorus in a pure melodic way. There is a keyboard sequence that’s haunting the minds all over the song and Leo Margarit is so inspired here. The lyrics are talking about the way to be mean or nasty with someone who makes you harm, with only words or physical violence. I was thinking about someone in particular when I wrote it, I guess, haha… Be sure that he is still alive…

6. I wanna dance:

It is a sort of joke song, with a techno beat with drummer Henri-Pierre Prudent, and great metal guitars from Geoffrey Baumont, the vocals have gothic-like soundings, nearly like the Swedish band of Peter Tagtgren, Pain.

7. Ambient:

The first part is very electro-prog, with great guitar melodies performed by Geoffrey and Jean-Pierre Louveton together. Vocals are very short, repeating in low range « Falling Angel. Special mention for Franz Koehler and his groovy bass sound. The second part is like a power ballad, my friend Thierry Charlet on drums is on fire and Ingrid Denis sings about the resignation and the flight of God, who left us alone with our madness, our destiny, and our unconsciousness.

8. Turn:

A very short track, raging, powerful, where vocals are sometimes very low and calm, sometimes screaming and very high.

9. On Earth:

The most epic song of the album, more than ten minutes, so powerful and melodic, a post-apocalyptic feeling inside, with the hands of mighty Derek Sherinian who’s playing some Moog, keyboard chorus, and Theremine. The lyrics show what we have done to this Earth, knowing it and wondering if all is too late or if there’s still a little hope to stop our cruelty in front of Mother Nature.

10. Procession:

It is a long song, as the ultimate march of mankind, leading to its fate, to its final days, before the death of the Earth. Very atmospheric track, with great emotional and delicate guitar sounds from Amanda Lehmann, and my voice is spoken in French, as an ineluctable and desperate agony.

11. Wrath:

This is the English version of Colere, sung by Greg Giraudo instead of me and the guitars are played by Stelios Gatziolis, instead of Olivier Gaudet in Colere.

12. Meme si je saigne:

This is the French version of Even if I Bleed, Jean-Pierre Louveton takes the vocals all along instead of Amanda Lehmann and myself in Even If.

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