Behind The Scenes: The Inside Out - Mr. Arrogant (Official Video)

This is not our first video with Kris Khunachak! We actually filmed the video for our single "Figure Me Out" with him as well. Although the video for “Mr. Arrogant” was not our first work with Kris, it was our first with Michael Dugatto! He directed with Kris and together they really made the whole process so enjoyable, smooth, and fun.

James' and Zach’s shots were actually filmed with a green screen and set up underneath the building of our recording studio and label Black Barrel Records. Some of James' shots, however, were shot in real time of him driving all around the street to get the real feel of the cops chasing him.

During our very first scene of shooting, we all walked onto location and we all stepped in dog s***. Good luck sign.

Andi steals the skateboard right from Mikey, our director, during her getaway break to get to the show.

John and the homeless character played by our friend Bryce did not in fact share whiskey and drugs. It was CBD and Arizona iced tea. A real homeless person came up to us during filming this scene multiple times to let us know that we kept dropping our lighter.

The area where James' starting scene takes place was actually one of his favorite spots to hang out when he was growing up. When he was in high school, the area was much less crowded, and it used to be one of the spots he would take his guitar to, write music, and hang with friends.

We tried out like four different tricycles at target and Walmart and a few other stores before we found one that actually worked for us adult degenerates. We felt bad stealing the tricycle away from Will all afternoon, and even though it was sad to see it go, he deserved it so we gifted it to him after shooting.

One of our friends who played a police officer, Johnny, actually became a real police officer after the filming!

There was such great acting in this video from our extras, but so far a fan favorite has got to be Tori. She nailed the old lady role with Zach. We had gotten two different wigs for her, but her response was, “Don't worry, I already have the perfect fit for this.” It was just too funny. She actually performs stand-up comedy you can check out here: 

We had our intern Jimmy run back n forth to McDonald's getting ice cream cones for John's scene with Will. It was so hot out that they were just constantly melting in his hands. We all ended up eating ice cream because getting the timing right was hard.

During our performance scene, we actually played a full show for our friends. We played a few of our unreleased tracks that will be coming out this year: "Black Summer," "Fever Dreams," "Too Late," and "Good Times."

The most fun thing about our second day of shooting was that it was John's birthday. It made the whole night just that much more fun. We even had some unexpected karaoke later that evening where everyone pitched in for some belting of a certain Creed song.

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