Track By Tracks: Adon - Adon (2024)

The album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

As a whole, this album represents lifelong dreams. The pursuit of which escaped us as younger folk but found proper creative footing as we matured. It represents all of our influences in a way that, hopefully, can only be described as ‘ADON’. The album explores themes of war, power, death, apocalypse, cosmos, emergence, transformation, and repeating history, oftentimes through the lens of ancient Viking/ Saxon era imagery. Musically it finds its core in black metal though it couldn’t possibly only be described as that.

We believe it is uniquely us, and we made it for ourselves. We love to share our creative expressions with others though, and we hope that others can find meaning as we do.


1. Ascension:

This song sets the tone for the album with its brutality. The lyrics as we wrote them visually focus on the beginning of an apocalypse, and the hopeless futility of survival. The title ‘ascension’ conjures imagery of a kind of torturous rapture.

2. Æther:

A non-stop onslaught of violent themes and images of battle. A war cry in the spirit of Vikings, taking flight on wings of vengeance.

3. Adon:

This song tells a classic story of a man playing at being God. However, in this story, the subject an ancient king, is given a glimpse into the unfathomable and loses himself in the abyss before glimpsing an unknown eternity. The character of king I (Æthelwulf II) is based on my own line of ancestry of Saxon kings and their mix of pagan & Christian ideologies. This idea of asking God for the power to subjugate is delightfully paradoxical and all too common in our own history. To further tie into these ideas, a large portion of the lyrics for this song are written and performed in Olde English. I enlisted the help of an Olde English expert to help me translate my ideas and spent a good amount of time working on my pronunciation. Olde English is also present in other songs as well, but most prominently here.

We titled the song ‘Adon’ to further draw a line to concepts we frequently touch upon in our lyrics. The ancient word, ‘Adon’, can be translated as meaning “The Lord”. Adon as a god character in mythology, to me, personifies hubris. Calling yourself the Lord of anything is an expression of hubris in a human context. I thought exploring this idea of unhinged hubris to be quite interesting. This imagery is also the main theme on the album’s cover.

4. Azimuth:

Originally inspired, like many of the songs on this album, by the Arthurian legend, but changed over time into a vision of destiny and decay, exploring the themes of emergence and transformation.

5. Axiom:

Put simply, this song tells the story of a person being stretched into nothingness upon entering a black hole.

6. Æon:

Another musing on apocalypse, telling a more complete story from our world ending completely to the unknown reaches of the cosmos. We use the imagery of a trumpet signaling the end of the age of the earth, as described in Judeo-Christian texts a motif musically and lyrically. I found it quite interesting to imagine a single blare of a horn signaling the end of humanity; the end of an age.

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