Behind The Scenes: Screaming Bones - All Beauty Is Pain (Official Video)

"After I recorded that track I was watching the images that came up on the inside of my closed eyes when listening to the music on headphones. I started to collect footage online and compiled it underneath an image of myself (the hardest part was to hold still for the duration of the song). ‚All Beauty Is Pain‘ was done during a period of instability and a phase of deep depression I had to go through in the last years. I managed to survive and put my inside into music and images. I am everything you see in that video. I am beauty, I am pain, I am despair, I am fear, I am rage, I am life, I am death, I am celebration, I am grief, I am water, I am fire, I am the Earth, the sun, the cosmos…..I am hope." - says Screaming Bones.

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