Behind The Scenes: Screaming Bones - Song For My Inner Demons (Official Video)

This is a video for all parents. See how much damage you do to a child when you mistreat it? ‚Song for My Inner Demons‘ from the album ‚Tales From The Outer Rings‘ is a very personal piece of art. Thanks to Midjourney and Runwayml I can create pictures for the shit that is going on inside me. Thankfully in life, I have found a way to cope with my past. I put it into music and images and then put it out into the world, hoping that I can help others. Despite all the shit that happened to me in my childhood, I have found a way to see humor, laugh where nobody else does (surely not me back in those days). It’s like the Joker said: I always thought my life was a tragedy. I was wrong, it’s a fucking comedy :)

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