Behind The Tracks: Nervous Eaters - Vampire (b/w "Knockdown Day") (Singles) (2024)

Founding member and frontman Steve Cataldo sets the scene for "Vampire": "In a once vibrant town, business by day, swinging by night, always had its own unique rhythm. Strange and without reason, the pace of the small bustling California borough, somehow slowed to an unearthly rhythm. Most of the young people gathered on the village green every Friday night. Hundreds of candles lit the surrounding walkways, creating a festive vibe to the weekly affair. Gradually the area's fresh crisp evening air bit by bit changed to a dank mist ushered in by a ghostly vermilion wind. Winding its way down the country streets, forcing the young Rooks back to their homes, encased within a false security as they morphed into harbingers of tomorrow. Acting as if the coming dawn would be their savior, people finally came out of their homes to investigate the sudden perturbation. Simultaneously, a synchronous fear befell the entire crowd as The Beautiful Stranger's mysteriously haunting trance beguiled the village. The Witch, "with shaded eyes", her infectious yet imperceptible hypnotizing glances, compelling anyone, everyone, to follow her spectral sway. Captive to the Vampire’s ministering Dominion hosting parties by day, slaves to her by night. "Sundown is her town, Everyone is going down" Such is the premise of Vampire."
Of the B-side "Knockdown Day", guitarist/vocalist Adam Sherman says, "Isolation and the feeling of being left out of the party are at the heart of "Knockdown Day". Rest assured, a knockdown is temporary. We pick ourselves up and face tomorrow with humility and optimism.

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