Track By Tracks: Forgotten In Progress - Faded Memories/Unknwon Future (2024)

1. These Words is inspired by a personal story of the lead singer. This song helped him to deal with the demons of the past and it is also some kind of a “soul striptease” as well as a therapy. The idea of These Words is to give other people strength when they feel weak. We try to say, that we understand you and your feelings because we have been through the same.

2. Haven is inspired by stories of social workers and their experiences with people suffering from drug addiction. Currently, that topic is getting bigger and bigger all over the globe and we try to give people a view into the mind of someone who deals with those demons.

3. December represents the current political situation. It is cold and people with influence are only interested in their own welfare, how to increase their capital, and forget about those who have nothing. That is why the last words of the song are “Raise your voice! Let it Out!”

4. Fight shows the consequences of war. People are torn between leaving their homes and staying to stand their ground. Anger, pain, and sadness are what those people see and feel every day. War is cruel, and senseless and should only be something we read about in history books and not something we watch on TV daily.

5. Accelerate is, long story short, a rush and describes the impressions and visions while being in that condition.

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