Band Biographies: Demonic Ecstasy

With hard-hitting deathcore riffs and bleak black metal atmospheres, Demonic Ecstasy is becoming one of the front-runners of deathcore music in the Middle East. Based in Iran, the deathcore act was founded by guitarists Amirreza Jalili and Mehran Shali in 2023 and has piqued the interest of extreme fans in the region. With its grim twist of extreme metal music, Demonic Ecstasy aims to reproduce the feelings of fear and horror that the people in Iran feel and display to the world. The band’s newest creative effort “Oblivion” premiered on The New Fury Media in honor of World Women’s Day dedicated to the memory of honor killing victim Mona Heydari.

Demonic Ecstasy line-up:

Anthony Darcay - Vocals
Amirreza Jalili - Lead Guitars
Mehran Shali - Rhythm Guitars
Babak Qotb - Bass Guitar

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