Behind The Artworks: Beyond Shadows - Beyond Shadows (2024)

I came up with the concept and design for the cover artwork while in Sweden. At that point, I think I knew I had to come back to New York. I wanted to capture those emotions for me at the time, having suffered the loss of my best friend. The journey of grief turning into anger is what influenced the concept for the artwork. New York City landmarks, the World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty are in the background of the artwork. Then there is the undead version of myself, holding a guitar bracing against the forces of Hell, and then there is the gateway which is depicted below me. Then the flip side is an image of Hell, the city is engulfed in flames.The same figure is standing in place, clad in armor. Instead of holding a guitar, he has a sword, representing my rage and feelings of revenge. The sword symbolizes my anger, that is something that I also used on the Tears of Rain album cover.

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