Track By Tracks: Beyond Shadows - Beyond Shadows (2024)

For the songs, I generally prefer to hear what other's interpretation is of them rather than sharing my own, but here is a brief synopsis of each track. Keep in mind that hidden within the lyrics are little "insider" tales and memories which you might know about if you are familiar with the "source material" ;) Enjoy!

1. Where No Sorrow Follows:

This song is about moving on from things that hurt you and cause you pain, grief, and sadness. Throwing yourself into a future, which can’t be as bad as what you are leaving behind. As the chorus goes, walking my heart where no sorrow follows. You are trying to find somewhere better, where you are happier.

2. Plight of the Hunter:

This is a fantasy song about a hunter/ranger-type character who watches over a forest. He shows mercy to these enemies, he leaves and lives his life. Upon his return, he comes to find that his forest has been cut down. He sees a nearby factory where they are burning the wood. He holds himself accountable for showing them mercy all of those years ago.

3. My Anger:

This song is a story about family, abandonment, and people who are supposed to be there for you not being there for you. Reaching out for someone to save you from these things. I use the symbolism of the father figure to fulfill this role, and they inevitably let you down. This alludes to the overall theme that you are the only person who can save yourself. Anger is a driving force in this album and that is what gets this person through their life.

4. My Love:

This is a Vampiric love tale of a mortal wanting to become a vampire and the pain of transformation and immortality.

5. The March Goes On:

This song is about being a soldier stuck in a war that you never signed up for. You are marching along in the desert, hallucinating from heat and exhaustion. You are no longer able to distinguish friend from foe, it is just pure chaos. But at the end of the day, the march goes on. There is this driving force of the drumming from the back of the battalion. At least that is how I see it in my head. The song itself is very cathartic, especially the guitar solos. When death comes to release you, you have no option, you are being forced to let go. But until then, the march goes on.

6. Cursed:

This song is just a life story and I feel this song speaks for itself. As in “Where No Sorrows Follow” I try to stay hopeful and spread a positive message through the song. And even in this song, titled Cursed, there is still a message of get up, push on, and don’t lose hope.

7. Skull, Heart, Wings:

This song is about professional wrestler, Bret “The Hitman” Hart. He was an idol of mine, growing up and still is. So, I was very happy to write this song about him and for him. I hope he enjoys it.

8. Beyond Shadows:

This is a song about overcoming all the horrible things that life throws at you. It is another song of hope, it's another positive push forward using a powerful mantra, you can’t hurt me, you can’t kill me. My existence is eternal.

The Existence Duo is about my best friend who lost his life in 2008. These songs were created by my grief, partly as an allegory for life and partly as a eulogy. Rest in peace, Aaron.

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