Behind The Artworks: Meister Leonhardt - Thanatopoeia (2024)

The artwork is the entrance, a sight for the listener to acquaint with and proceed further. Its duty is to encourage the listener to push Play, while they must decide whether to delve deeper into the following world, its thoughts and feelings or not. A kind of energetic touch or contact, stochastic yet fully comprehended, and the listener who follows it is cast into the world of music and poetry after taking a step.

Initially, we had the intention to continue our work with Cold Graves (who made artwork for our debut), but couldn't finally get back in touch, thus our quest continued even after Thanatopoeia was recorded and produced. Different artists either lost our concept or found it beyond their current abilities. Perhaps my basic idea of making something alike Austin Spare with his psychography tied us down.

Later I revised the basic concept and wrote my old comrade Romulus Inferno, whom I already had the honor of working with. Being a man of education and talent, he managed to balance our ideas and arrange them in one composition, having nothing more than a bunch of vague concepts, Lyrics, and Music. Then all the images channeled from nowhere and led to the Master's hand. The Center is taken by candle looking pretty much like the Tower of Babel (with enough respect to Bruegel), as an incarnation of earthly vanity. It is formed by a multitude of melting human figures and illuminates the darkness with a bright Flame emerging from the hand of The Unholy. This general concept is described in our introduction track named Bliss Of Impermanence.

As a synesthete, I instantly accepted the composition that Romulus Inferno brought to the daylight. Yes, black and white colors are obvious, yet they are exactly what is awaiting you Beyond an omnivorous darkness of malevolence. A step into Yonder and Unknown is what is Death (Thanatos) for us while tainting philosophers for centuries with one question: what is there? Well, we take the answers. With us.

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