Track By Tracks: Meister Leonhardt - Thanatopoeia (2024)

Thanatopoeia is Ancient Greek for "death making", yet Death evidently makes itself, with faces and features, splendid and horrendous, more than fingers on the hands of a hecatoncheire. We felt obliged to portray what Death could (could not?) be or seem to be, never aspiring to get even close to any comprehension. Just several scenes of horror and bliss that were caught from the darkness with the light of our candle. So, Death can or cannot be...

1. ... a rotten breath of carnivorous Entropy
2. ... a link of chain in Eternity's hands
3. ... a humble price of unfair Ascent
4. ... a lying lodestar amid skies of Nowhere
5. ... a universal constant of inevitable Decay
6. ... a fertile Soil for crawling proliferation
7. ... a final stage of induced Transformation
8. ... a terminal attractor for chosen Path

Do you hear it? Then later.

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