Behind The Artworks: Nerocapra - La Serpe In Seno (2023)

The cover of our latest album "la serpe in seno" (2023) is the result of graphic manipulation of a detail of a print that encompasses various themes related to the zodiac sign of the scorpion.

The issues faced by the Nerocapra sink in full hands from the fundamental stimulus that death brings to the existence of each of us, hence the choice to use the image of this child who plays and cuddles.

A human skull.

Precisely for this reason there is a child who thanks to his young age, perhaps, will be able to grasp its concrete naturalness without the useless superstructures caused by "maturity" of an adult human being.

Sometimes this relationship can be an incentive, sometimes it can be deleterious for the survival of our psychophysical us the choice of how to live it.

The whole message of the Nerocapra revolves around this.

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