Track By Tracks: Nerocapra - La Serpe In Seno (2023)

1. Urlo mai udito (Scream never heard):

The opening track is about the birth of a new human being... an offspring already infected by his fores.

It is a very fast and direct song, written, tried, and tested in one hour.

It was created precisely to welcome the listeners of our latest album, it is a classic song in primitive metal style... the term with which we like to describe the music we play: a cross between death, black, and more classical metal.

2: La serpe in seno (The snake in the breast):

The song that gives the title to the album is about those people who do not show any kind of gratitude and respect for each other. These people, certain of the truth and consistency in their way of behaving, could inevitably receive what they sow themselves.

It is a more cadenced song with a central fast part that expresses the anger and resentment they must receive…this part, after a very classic primitive solo, paves the way to the inevitable finale where these people are literally dismembered and devoured.

3. La fortezza (The fortress):

One of the slowest tracks we've ever written.

The text was written after reading the book "Il deserto dei tartari” (The Desert of Tartars) by Dino Buzzati, an Italian journalist and writer.

The song is a hypnotic to proceed toward the coveted call to arms, both in music and in words.

Here the sounds are more markedly North European blackdeath.

4. Dietro una porte le mille porte (Behind a door the thousand doors):

Inspired by reading "House of leaves", a book written by Mark Z Danielewski.

This track is more classical metal with marked European thrash metal influences. It is a race towards madness in continuing to open doors, seeing grotesque places, hearing unspeakable sounds ... an evil song at the right point.

5. Sistema di protezione perverse (Perverse protection system):

A sonorous journey among the thousand musical influences from classical metal onwards... the song is about the famous case of Billy Milligan, a person who was absolved after raping and kidnapping 3 university students for mental illness. He was suffering from dissociative identity disorder. In the text you chase different personalities who speak, clash, and help each other... this game is barely governed by a personality called: the guardian.

It is composed of several parts, fast, slow and there are many vocal parts that play in this interplay, the most complex piece of the entire album.

6/7. Grumo di sangue - Lembi di pelle (Blood lump - Flaps of skin):

Our musical experiences for about 35 years have led us to play different things that enlarge the extreme musical field to the industrial, to the noise... in every Nerocapra album (to date 4)

There are one/two passages that photograph this point of view of ours.

Blood Lump is an example, deliberately clouded by ill reverberations and sick guitars, drowned by a disturbing, hostile, and hopeless environment ... in the finale is

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