Behind The Tracks: Mascots - Slipping In The Dark (Single) (2024)

Alex: This song originally started with the first verse, but after playing it over and over again, we thought that it was missing something, so we put what was once the bridge of the song as the intro, which is this big breakdown jam with an insane lead over the entire thing. In the end, it really helped breathe new life into the song and made it start off on a very strong note but also helped differentiate the beginning of the song from the other tracks we went to record.

Us, whenever we are writing songs, we really like to write out each section, measure by measure, and dissect them to see what parts can be trimmed, lengthened, or moved around to breathe new life into the song as they usually are born from these drawn out ten minute long jams. From these jams, they are then funneled and formed into what you see today.

Every song we write is a puzzle aching to be pieced together and as musicians and songwriters, we really have so much fun trying to figure them out.

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