Track By Tracks: Human Spine - Voidance (2024)

1. Temporal:

As the EP's gateway, "Temporal" unfurls like a darkened canvas, distorted and gritty. Instruments emerge gradually, converging to unleash the initial assault of the EP. Amidst desperate cries for aid, the instrumental intensifies, layering on heaviness until a second, more direct voice pierces through, only to dissolve into a labyrinth of distortion.

2. Ritual:

Launching with a relentless rhythmic pulse, "Ritual" traverses through vocal meanderings, a soul in search of escape and purpose. The instrumental escalates as the narrator's grip slips, leading to a formidable breakdown that shatters remaining hope. A whirlwind of syncopated drums and eerie guitars culminates in a final crescendo, offering no respite.

3. Eternal:

Following the organized chaos of its predecessors, "Eternal" unveils an atmospheric soundscape, where textures flow seamlessly as a malevolent voice reclaims the EP's initial atmosphere. Brief bursts of violence punctuate the track, alternating with melodic interludes, until a glitched dialogue emerges between the narrator and the guitar. Here, the band embodies tension and release, delving deeper into the human vs. transhumanism theme, culminating in a final, desolate breakdown.

4. Transition:

Drawing from the preceding tracks, the album's closer melds the ethereal landscapes of "Eternal" with the rhythmic aggression of "Ritual" and the wandering vocals of "Temporal." Syncopated rhythms collide with sinister electronic riffs, intertwining with eerie guitars in a tunnel of despair. "Transition" offers no solace, as electronic elements grow more malevolent, extinguishing all hope in its vile embrace

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