Band Biographies: Lokheira

Lokheira was formed in 2022 and consists of the following members, who write and compose all of their own music:

George started his musical endeavors playing bass in his teen years. He then learned how to play guitar and had an interest in music theory. He also dabbles in creating/fixing musical electronics, such as bass and guitar pedals, some of which he uses when he performs. His musical influences consist of Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, and Pantera. He also sings and plays guitar in Helios Greek Band and bass in Flight of Ulysses. Irene has been singing ever since she was born. She first performed singing on stage at age 8, singing a duet with her father's band Greek Compania.

She won a singing competition in 2010, at 18 years old, for singing Whitney Houston's rendition of "I Will Always Love You". She loves to sing different genres of music. Some of her musical influences for Lokheira include Unleash The Archers, Within Temptation, and Evanescence. She is also the lead female vocalist of Helios Greek Band.

Rob not only plays music, he also mixes and masters the music for Lokheira. He started with drums at age 13, and practiced screaming and growling since the age of 15 to bands like Opeth, Machine Head, and Devildriver. When he moved to CA at age 24, he had no room for a drum set, so he decided to start learning guitar. He is self-taught on drums and semi-self-taught on guitar with the help of brother-in-law George Mavroudis and brother Josh Ramaglino. He always wanted to start a metal band and, finally, with his wife Irene and brother-in-law George, created Lokheira in 2022.

Line up:

Rob Ramaglino: (guitar, drums, harsh vocals)
Irene Mavroudis Ramaglino (lead vocals)
George Mavroudis (bass, vocals)


Enoxos (Single 2023)
Dark of The Night - Wormholedeath (CD, 2024)

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