Track By Tracks: Vented - Cruelty And Corruption (2024)

1. I Am Death:

Sean: Doing everything in your power to stand up for what you believe in.

Greg: We wanted a kinda industrial intro for the record with some spoken words over it. It became perfect for our ears.

2. Flawless:

Sean: Being made “imperfect”, but being perfect in your own way. Fuck how you were made by your creator, and become what you want. Don’t be an NPC!

Greg: Such a perfect way to start the record right after the intro. Tons of grooves and energy with a very intense ending.

3. The End Game:

Sean: The end of it all, this song was loosely based on the show Squid Games, and basically made dying into a game, the end of the world, your last chance.

Greg: This song was the last to be written for the album and we originally planned it as a bonus track, but it was sooo heavy and sooo good so we decided to put it right at the beginning of the album and it became one of the songs for music videos.

4. My Desire:

Sean: The things that I crave in this world also are my vices. Watching the last gasp of breath, the final heartbeat of something you hold onto dearly, love, goals and aspirations.

Greg: That was the first song we put together with Sean and the result speaks for itself. Classic hardcore/metal tune with a huge chorus and a very groovy breakdown ending.

5. Vitriolic:

Sean: This song is about pure hate in its most aggressive form. A true vitriol.

Greg: One of the heaviest songs from the record, a pure rager!

6. Requiem For Myself:

Sean: In a glass jar on my shelf sit the memories of forgotten times and failed ventures.

Greg: I just love how this song turned so emotional with Sean’s melodic vocals.

7. Withered:

Sean: Stuck in a nightmare, someone else's nightmare, endlessly hiding to find a way out.

Greg: One of our grooviest main riffs on the record.

8. A New Trend:

Sean: Social media disease. Doing everything for a like and a prayer. Follow the latest trend. This song is a big, “Fuck You” to that.

Greg: A serious hardcore/metal banger with a thouch of Slayer influences. We have Matt Szlachta on board for this track, who made an incredible solo for the song!

9. The Darkness:

Sean: Stuck inside my own head, a viscous thick feeling, being slow and lethargic. Caught in the darkness. I can’t see and can’t find my way out.

Greg: If we have to recommend some of our songs to Meshuggah fans, this is it!

10. Vigil:

Sean: A song dedicated to Joey Jordison, about visiting his grave, saying one last goodbye.

Greg: It’s basically the deepest song from the record, a very dark and emotional one. One of my fav tunes off the record!

11. In Question:

Sean: This song is about being a sheep, being gullible, and then realizing the flaw in your gullibility and fighting everything and everyone in your way

Greg: On this song we have Dustin Lei Griboski on guest vocals and Ahrue Luster on lead guitars. Ahrue’s guitar solo just made this song perfect! We've rarely heard a solo like this from Ahrue throughout his career. Worth to check out!

12. Self Destruct:

Sean: This song is about using and abusing the world. Masquerading as someone looking to aid, but when you turn the corner, their true evil intent flourishes. Buying and selling the world for gold, using its resources.

Greg: This is a perfect song to show how versatile Sean’s voice is.

13. Zero:

Sean: Inner conflict, transformation, and the desire for release

Greg: Such a great ending for the record. The industrial outro made such an awesome frame for the record.

14. Final Hours (Bonus Track):

Sean: This one is about struggle, identity, and the impact of our actions. Reflecting on your own battles and transformations.

Greg: DIGIPAK bonus track. It was a difficult decision about which song should be the bonus track. Btw, this some of our fan's fav songs, lol.

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