Band Biographies: Maesün

Maesün emerges on the metal scene as a fresh force in the symphonic power metal genre, but with a twist. While rooted in symphonic power metal, the band's unique style stands out through a fusion of powerful riffs and extensive orchestral arrangements, all supported by the impressive and forceful voice of Andrada Hofmeister.
Maesün is a band that gathers notable talents from groups in Germany, Romania, and the United Kingdom, such as Syn Ze Sase Tri, Ruadh, Badge, Ancst, or Symphress.
Maesün intertwines its music with profound themes about life and death, celebrating the intensity and beauty of human existence through strong and unique sounds. The band brings to life a symphony of perseverance, aiming for perfection in every chord and creating a unique auditory experience.
This makes them a perfect fit for fans of Powerwolf, Battle Beast, Vision of Atlantis, or Beyond the Black.
After the resounding success of the first single 'Book of the Dead', which was enthusiastically received by the public, Maesün surprises once again with the release of their new single 'Life in Chains'. This new hit features a special guest, Aura Danciulescu, an emblematic voice in Romanian rock and also the lead vocalist of the band Scarlet Aura, thus adding a unique dimension to the song.
The album 'Remember to Die', eagerly awaited, was released on March 1, 2024. It includes not only include the two successful singles 'Book of the Dead' and 'Life in Chains', but also other tracks of equal strength, both in message and instrumentation, forming an impressive collection.
Entirely produced by the band, the album contains 7 tracks that highlight Maesün's distinctive style, blending energetic power metal riffs with a grand symphonic flourish. 'Remember to Die' promises to be a captivating and unforgettable auditory experience, a sonic feast that will resonate in the hearts of listeners.

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