Behind The Tracks: Souls Of Diotima - Another Day In Paradise (Single) (2024)

This is actually the first time we are releasing a cover song, in our twenty-year career it had never happened, so in that sense, too, we are very curious to see the reaction of the audience. But why did we choose this track? First of all, it is a tribute to that great songwriter, composer and musician Phil Collins, and then it is a tribute to the "last ones". In our career, in fact, we have always paid much attention, not only to our music but with concrete actions, precisely to the "last ones", to those who live on the margins of society, to those who cannot. In our opinion, in fact, those who make art but in general those who have a "voice" that can be heard have a duty to call consciences to those people who are often "invisible". We kept the original structure, but we totally changed the arrangements and often also the vocal line, especially the verse line. So we didn't just do a cover, it seemed too simple, but we did this with our own imprint, anticipating what our future sounds will be. About the official video, reasoning with director Daniele Diana, we tried to reconcile the modernity of the sounds but bringing them back to the 1980s, the years in which the original song was released. That is why we opted for black and white, precisely because we believe it is a timeless style and that it makes the meaning of the song, which in itself is already gloomy, even more melancholic.

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