Behind The Artworks: Coral The MerKnight - vs. The Beasts Of Burdentown (A Post​-​Deathrock Opera) (2024)

The album artwork, illustrated by Skip Sterling, was conceived many years before the current album concept for vs. The Beasts of Burdentown (A Post-Deathrock Opera) was crafted or even before I was known as Coral the MerKnight. At the time, I was going by Torn by Guilt and the album had originally been called Fork in the Road. The themes of guilt and lack of control were still at play even in those early days. The monsters back then (as they are still now) were a manifestation of those feelings and how they can influence an individual and make them do things they maybe wouldn't normally do absent those factors. Once Coral and idea of him battling new demons every album was introduced.. this legacy artwork just fell naturally into place in the overall grand story. The logo for Coral the MerKnight was created by Annie Marcotte and debuted on the previous album vs. SEARANTULA (It Weaves a Web of Metal).

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