Behind The Artworks: Fearwell - Well Of Fear (2022)

Well of Fear - a metaphor for depression in the title song. A bottomless well into which we fall into, unable to get out. With our band mascot "Raef", which was based on the shadows experienced as a child and the scary green flarelike eyes as seen in reflecting cats eyes. A wraith holding a lantern as a small light in a vast darkness. Surrounded by fear inducing elements: darkness, forests, mist, eyes, spiders, the night and even death. The chains symbolize the entrapment of your conscious mind inside your unconsciousness (stuck in old behaviour, wanting to change, but unable to). The platform of the altar is in a pyramid shape with in the middle the green flaring eyes, symbolizing the all-seeing eye. It all might seem very random, but nearly everything points to the songs on the album and has been thought of. Everything on the album has been given thought and meaning. The name Fearwell (a play on words on Fear and Farewell). There are three hidden objects in the album cover as well, something that held very emotional value. Only able to be found when someone has perseverance and follows the light.

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