Track By Tracks: Fearwell - Well Of Fear (2022)

1. Intro:

An orchestral piece featuring a few riffs of the album in orchestration.

2. Well of Fear:

A song about depression and overcoming it. The Well of Fear symbolizes depression. How it internally affects you and teaches you how to accept yourself.

3. The Philosopher's mind:

Life is too short to overthink. Face the challenges of life and dare to go outside your comfort zone. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different outcomes. Try something new and maybe it'll suit you. Stop thinking about everything and come up with excuses to do exactly nothing. Losing yourself in thoughts and philosophizing will only negatively affect your well-being. To keep overthinking sets you on a path of destruction, meaning your end. Thus you will sleep, a mindless and dreamless slumber. Death.

4. Creature of the Night:

Sleep paralysis and hypnagogic hallucinations, when the creature of the night visits you in your waking dream. More often than not a resemblance of your inner fears and negative emotions.

5. Alone:

Life is forward, not backwards. Focus on the good things to come. Eventually, you have to do it all alone. No one can live your life for you.

6. Hypocrite:

We're all good at giving advice, yet we fail to follow our own. Rules for thee, but not for me. You'll do anything to avoid your own set of rules forcing others to think like someone you yourself cannot be.

7. Fight within Myself:

Humans are inherently lazy and free will isn't granted easily. We're all rooted in our instincts and automatisms. The fight within ourselves is going on every day. Most of us give in to our laziness and animalistic needs at least once or twice a day. But fight it and succeed and you become more confident and new opportunities arise!

8. Ocean of Anger:

Anger is close to the immense force of water. The water cycle bears similarities to the process of anger. When too much water fills the river, the dams and dikes break, unleashing an immense force. Water is like a temper. Peaceful and calm. But disturb it too much and a tsunami will wash you away

9. Battle in the bay of Matanzas:

A song about the historic figure Piet Hein capturing the Spanish treasure fleet. Without this hero, the Dutch wouldn’t exist. He captured the Spanish treasure fleet without casualties on both sides. His accomplishment helped fund the Dutch in the 80 years war. Directly contributing to the Dutch winning their freedom and independence. The plunder’s highest estimate was around 100 billion dollars today.

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