Behind The Artworks: THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK - The Stronghold (2024)

There's a real story behind this album cover and its design. When we were searching for visuals for the album, we couldn't find anything impactful enough to fit the theme "the stronghold." A few years back, I scouted locations for a music video at the Vimy National Memorial in northern France, not far from where we live in Lille. I remembered taking photos of these imposing statues that struck me with their power and serenity. After learning about the symbolism behind these sculptures from Walter Allward, who described them as an allegory of peace reigning over war-torn lands, I found a poetic parallel with our album – the battle is over, let's prepare for the next one in peace. So, I made this sculpture the central element. Viewed from behind, the viewer imagines themselves in the setting behind this powerful veiled woman on the edge of a rampart, facing the dawn of a new day. You might notice she appears to be holding something in her right hand – is she hiding a weapon under her veil? Is she gearing up for a new battle, or simply holding her veil, preparing to vanish into thin air? I juxtaposed a massive moon to emphasize our insignificance in the vastness of the universe around us. Everything in this artwork reflects the theme of our album: "The Stronghold." We all build our own fortress throughout our lives, and life crashes against our walls, which sometimes fall, but people always rise again and regain hope, ready for the next battle. Kings and servants, praised the lord for a brighter future, failing to witness his mighty work. But all remembered the place… THE STRONGHOLD.

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