Track By Tracks: THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK - The Stronghold (2024)

"1 - Kings and Servants:

Introduction to the album, setting the general tone for the record.

The beginning has a unique mood for a TLF track, very old-school prog-rock. Then thunder strikes and the storm begins, with raging guitar riffs and drums kicking ass with a hint of black metal influence, leading to the doom ending that we all love.

2 -Praised the Lord for a Brighter Future:

A very energetic tune, constantly pushing forward in the first half, evoking a battle of some sort, followed by a very calm and atmospheric part embodying the aftermath, a view of the battlefield after the fight. Then, in the last part, new day, new battle.

3 - Failing to Witness his Mighty Work:

May be the most melodic intro we have ever made, a mixture of prog elements and almost world music ones. This track brings light, hope, not the most common feelings you usually get when you listen to The Lumberjack Feedback.

4 - But All Remembered The Place

Definitely the heaviest track on the album.
A strong drum leading song with deep guitar tones. A low growl from the bass gets you out of the intro and right into a straight forward riff. Drums are battling in unisons, canons, tribal rhythms with heavy toms. We went back to our roots with a conclusive Doom section on the second half of the song, showing that we haven’t lost that part of our identity. Imagine yourself driving on the highway, full speed, no lights on, praying not to crash…

5 - The Stronghold

The Stronghold, by its name alone, gives you a hint of what we wanted to accomplish. A song that will stand for years to come, unyielding, and inflexible.

What begins as a fast stoner tune morphs into a quiet, almost intimate, atmospheric piece.

The bass swells, comes and goes, and drives the section, followed by the drums.
A minute or an hour might have passed until you realize The Stronghold has brought you to a place of deep emotional despair…"

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