Behind The Artworks: Pleia - Betori (2024)

This concept developed around an ethereal meaning of the moment, the situation that leads us out of difficult times solely with internal strength and recognition of what we are and represent, generating a force that illuminates and guides us to another level of consciousness. Art communicates the eternal struggle in existence, the encounter with truth, the curiosity of what exists beyond us, understanding what we are and what we will be beyond the internal and external cosmos. The explicit graphic representation of our art is a being that, together with the rest of the strange beings holding it, attempts to reach the artifact at the top resembling a telescope. The proposal is in a different world, a different universe; we represent ourselves as curious entities subject to the constant pursuit of knowledge, and upon reaching this, we evolve. "Betori" is the graphical representation of evolutionary knowledge within our being.

The art was developed by: Alejandro Florio

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