Track By Tracks: Pleia - Betori (2024)


The opening track welcomes you to immerse your thoughts in a different journey. The vocals mark the official entrance to the "pleiaverso," a conceptually unified album characterized by sounds and atmospheres from start to finish. This introductory track, with its chaotic, Amazonian ambience, serves as an entry point to a different place within ourselves.


The weight and fury of riffs and drums in this track begin with dissonant sounds from the lead guitar, setting the stage for instrumental themes. It's a direct inception into thought, a prelude to what follows, oscillating between chaos and the melodic speed of its instruments. It's worth noting that the track's name pays tribute to the famous Bulgarian prophetess and her predictions from 1911 to 1996.


The polyrhythmic arpeggios of the keyboard, combined with a drum groove and basslines with interesting sounds and deep melodies, along with melodic guitar leads, aim to convey a message amidst chaos, suspense, and vertigo. "Pachakuti" refers to times of change in Aboriginal legends.

4. TAU I:

The most mystical track of the EP begins with a clean guitar, transitioning into stoner patterns within a broad and heavy structure infused with melancholy and guided by voices. The song communicates its message through prominent basslines, dynamic drums, and guitars maintaining tension, incorporating Amazonian sounds and Afro fills from the drums, transforming it into a timeless ritual that takes us on a journey to an unknown world. The guided vocals with a repetitive message directly target the listener's mind, leading to an explosive and aggressive climax, breaking free from the antigravity that pervaded the entire track, culminating in a discharge of fury.


This song is dedicated to those who are no longer physically present but remain present in every step we take. Driven by the lead guitar as the primary messenger throughout, the structure of this track is laden with emotions. It features dynamics and solos alongside synthesizers with celestial or alien themes woven into its passages, complemented by bass passages that stand out in the composition, taking us to a distant place and amplifying the immersive experience.

6. TAU II:

The second part of this gemini, while the first was fully mystical, this part is characterized by conflicting feelings of frustration, acceptance, and awakening, expressed vividly throughout the song with marked and heavy riffs and a melodic voice tinged with melancholy. As the track progresses, its passages evolve, reaching a climax in the chorus where the message expands explosively into progressive rhythms with Latin and polyrhythmic tendencies, igniting the final stretch with syncopations and aggressive progressions fused with jazz elements, showcasing all instruments.


The eponymous track of the EP begins with a strident keyboard and crushing riffs, leading to fractal environments that suspend thoughts in an auditory nebula. Guitar and piano melodies, carrying emotional weight, emerge, followed by the bass marking the exit from this space into another, where the vocals and a short, direct message explode with heavy industrial rhythms. Each track, including this one, is united by distinct personalities, with a deep voice bidding farewell and expressing gratitude for sharing time and journeying in the "pleiaverso."

8. S1K:

An encore of a few seconds of fury to close out this conceptual and immersive EP.

9. MAIA:

An outro mantra for the entire journey, liberating, a sensation of having completed an internal journey of self-discovery.

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