Behind The Lyric Video: Forsaken Rite - The Storm (Official Lyric Video)

While traveling West through the night on one of his many adventures, Räv encountered violent winds, torrential rain, and striking lightning. The emotions and experience from the harrowing event led to the development of the song as a reflection of the characteristics of a storm.

The Storm is the story of adventurers traveling West until they encounter a ferocious tempest. As if something greater has other plans for their journey, they must weather its forces in order to survive and continue on their journeys.

A mysterious goddess or being shadows the adventurers, although never directly seen or interacting, she is always watching.

The song structure represents many characteristics of a storm. Relentless ferocity and wrath start with the first crack of the thunder which leads to a soaring chorus. The bridge represents the ‘eye of the storm’ in which there is a calming, before cracking back down into a final chorus.

The lyric video was developed to compliment, enhance, and bring out the emotional devastation of the storm. Images of various scenic landscapes were explored; including mountains, forests, paths, and dark clouds. Dynamic scenes including ground level and drone footage with overall muted colours were explored to immerse the viewer in the world and emotions that are being expressed.

Warriors traveling through forests and storms were found as a fitting representation of the song and were used to ground the song in characters that are actually facing the events. The hooded figure/goddess is there to represent an opposing force to the warriors. Although not directly responsible for any of the events, the mystery of the hooded figure brings a sense that something greater may be at play.

The video was developed using primarily stock footage along with multiple effects and animations developed by our producer to capture the essence of the song through consultation and consideration of the intent and imagery behind the song.
A statement from our producer is below.

Working on Forsaken Rite's lyric video for "The Storm" was such a treat from start to finish. Collaborating closely with the band, I absorbed their vision and infused it with my own creative sparks, resulting in a tapestry of ideas ready to be woven into a visual story. Differing from traditional lyric video norms, my style blends stock footage with motion graphics to bring the song’s lyrics to life. With a plethora of stock footage at my fingertips, I meticulously placed scenes of dense forests, turbulent skies, and looming mountains to capture the essence of the story. Every frame was chosen to evoke the primal power of nature, mirroring the tumultuous journey of the war party as they navigated through the storm under the watchful gaze of the goddess.

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